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Busy in school – 4th Grade

As I said in my previous blog, my daughter has many school works to do or project in different subject. This is new to us because we didn’t make school project in Grade 1-3. Good thing we finished 5 and teachers already checked them. I help my daughter in her project because she can’t do it alone. And parent is allowed to help as long as the parent is not the one who will make the whole project. Thankful she received good score in all projects she already submitted. Daughter said she has another project in Computer subject but they will do it in school. They just have to bring materials needed. I hope this is the last project for first quarter.

Their first quarterly exam will be next week. . So as early as today I already started making her reviewer. She doesn’t have tutor ever since she started school. She doesn’t like going to tutor after school so I don’t push her. So I am the one helping her in all her lessons from the beginning. There are lessons I’m really clueless but through reading, I am able to teach her. We are learning at the same time  Anyway, we already started reviewing in advance so she will be prepared for their examination. Good luck to me hahah of course to my daughter. I hope she will get high score, perfect score is a bonus.

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Got to do this before buying a car

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When you own a car, you can do just any good things you like in life.  You can go shopping, visit a friend, go to the places you love, and you can travel anywhere at any time.  There is freedom when you own a car.  The question: Do you own a car right now or do you want to buy one yet?  If you own a car, then it is a great advantage to you.  If you are not a car owner yet and you are thinking of buying a car recently, then you’ve got to do some simple things for you to find the best car that can serve you.  Like what most people do, before anything else, checking on a budget is a must.  But if you have enough money, then, you are good with your car purchase.  The next thing is that you need to do wide research about the car that you want to buy.  Speaking of doing car research, consider visiting  Oh my, when you will use this website, you learn a lot as this is one of the leading car sites that bridges car shoppers and car dealers across the country.  With, you can easily read about just any car make and car model.  You can also check on different car dealers near your place through and much more.

And so when you want to purchase a car, do extensive research and learn more about the vehicle that you want to have.  Then, compare one car dealer to another so that you can find the best deals that you can afford.  Don’t rush your purchase to make sure you can have the car that can serve you best for a long time.  If possible, do negotiate the price of the car. Always remember, to make as part of your journey in purchasing your car.

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Have you Tried Bison Burger

Some people may be afraid of bison burgers or any bison meat. They’re afraid it’s gamey and maybe even believe that bison are still an endangered species. But neither of these things are true.

Bison vs. Cattle

A farm such as Gunpowder Bison and Trading Co. raises their own herds of bison. Unlike their cousins, the cattle raised in crowded and somewhat unsanitary feed lots, bison are not given hormones or antibiotics. Cows need hormones to bulk them up and antibiotics because they are in such close proximity to each other. Moreover, the corn they’re finished on is simply not good for their digestive systems.

Why is Bison Superior?

The bison are raised on grass and allowed to move around the pastures as they would in nature. The grass they eat not only nourishes them, but the bison nourish the grass. Because they’re heavy beasts, they push grass seed into the ground, which encourages it to germinate. When a bison wallows, or rolls around in the dirt, it creates a depression where water gathers. Its droppings are a perfect manure. Because bison are always moving from place to place, they don’t deplete the grass or the water.

Nutritional Value

The result of all this are bison burgers for sale that are leaner, sweeter but richer than burgers made from cattle. Bison meat has fewer calories, but is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A 3.5 ounce serving of bison beef has 2.42 grams of fat; 28.44 grams of protein; 143 calories; 82 milligrams of cholesterol; 3.42 milligrams of iron and 2.86 micrograms of vitamin B-12. In contrast, a 3.5 piece of choice beef from cattle has 18.54 grams of fat; 27.21 grams of protein; 283 calories; 87 mg of cholesterol; 2.72 mg of iron and 2.50 mcg of vitamin B-12.

Bison Meat

As with cattle meat, bison meat can not only be made into thick, delicious, juicy patties but the same kind of steaks cuts from cattle are made into, including New York strip steak, sirloin, ribeye and flat iron. The one difference is that the cowboy steak made from a cow is called a tomahawk steak when it’s made from a bison. Bison can be made into chuck and top round roast, London broil, brisket, short ribs and other cuts.

Bison should be tried at least once by everyone who’s a lover of animal protein. Once a person’s had a taste, they’ll want more.

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She loves MS Paint

Microsoft paint is a simple computer graphics app included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. I read that this app will not be available in Windows 10, after 32 years of existence. I also read recently, that Microsoft confirms that MS paint is not killing off paint after outpouring support for this app. Paint will be available to download for free from the windows store.

My daughter likes to use MS Paint. She has many MS paint works saved in our laptop. This was her latest creation in this app. I find it cute and i feel like sharing it here. Look at the sun, tiny flower, tree with cute little birds and this hand stroking cat. Honestly, i don’t know how to make this kind of stuff. So, i always praising my daughter every time she makes in MS Paint. I doubt if all the kids at her age can make beautiful work in MS Paint. Oh well, i hope MS paint will still be available because my daughter would be sad if this app will be gone.


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The Importance of Waterproofing Your Basement

People who own a home have many maintenance tasks that they must keep up with in order to prevent their home from falling into disrepair. One of the areas of the home that usually gets neglected is the basement. However, it is very important that you keep track of what is going on in your basement. Failure to do so could very easily result in major repair bills down the road. One of the biggest threats to your basement is moisture. It can cause very significant damage if it is not detected quick enough. Here are the main reasons why having your basement waterproofed is so important.

1. The value of your home will go up.

Improving your home in any way will only increase what it is worth. Therefore, protecting your basement and foundation by having it professionally waterproofed will be a very wise financial decision on your part. You might decide to sell your home one day in the future. If this happens, you will need to have your home appraised. Having a basement that is in perfect condition with no water damage will raise the overall value quite significantly. A company that specializes in basement waterproofing Buffalo NY will be able to help you with this task.

2. Your basement being damaged by water is not something you will need to worry about if you have it waterproofed.

Water can get into your basement in other ways besides a flood. All it takes is a few small cracks to allow water to find its way into your basement. Parts of your basement that you do not go in very often might have puddles of water that have been collecting for a long time. Damp and cool areas are ideal breeding grounds for mold. This mold can create serious health problems for the members of your household. Waterproofing your basement will eliminate your need to worry about the possibility of having moisture or mold in your basement.

3. The items in your home will not be damaged.

Water has the power to ruin just about anything it comes into contact with for a long period of time. Therefore, the items in your basement will be at risk of getting damaged if the water can reach them. You must not allow this to happen. Having your basement waterproofed will guarantee that your items are kept safe.

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Project Overload

From Grade 1-3, my daughter didn’t do many projects in all her subjects. Now, that she’s in Grade 4, project overload. Her school just started a month ago but we do lots of project already. We finished some and working on another project. Thanks goodness project are not hard and parent is allowed to help. This morning she submitted her P.E. project “Physical Activity Pyramid, it can be flat or 3D.
I was exhausted doing this project, tired because we made it just one day but honestly this pyramid wasn’t hard at all. The problem was we finished it a day before submission but teacher mentioned it two weeks ago. Lesson learned do everything in advance.
I made similar pyramid just like in this site

I just covered the pyramid with different colors using construction paper. I did this to divide her physical activity, those in bottom should put her physical activity that are done regularly or always, next sometimes, seldom and never.

I hope she will get good grade although I made more effort than my daughter but she helped me in this project. She was responsible for cutting, pasting and finding letters in that magazine that we used in designing. Oh well, need to think what to do in her English project need to do this in advance so I won’t feel tired again.

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Do you want to create a new hair style in an instant?

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When you have a good hairdo, you feel better, and it will boost your confidence. But when you are a busy person, probably, you do not have enough time to face the mirror for several minutes and style your hair. Right? When you are too busy, you do not even have enough time to even go to the salon to pamper yourself. With that, having instant things which are ready to wear can be of great help. Speaking about instant things and creating new hair styles, you can easily have that. When you own one, two or more wigs, like any of these lace wigs, you can use it anytime you want to. Wigs are pre-combed and ready to wear hair accessories for your convenience. Using one can also enhance your look, and it will add up to your beauty. Whether you love lace front wigs, Remy hair, natural hair, etc. hair wigs can be so handy all the time.

When you enjoy browsing online for products and accessories to use, do consider checking This online e-commerce store offers thousands of wigs, hair accessories and beauty products for you. Almost all the goods are much affordable. Apart from that, offers free shipping for orders of more than $49. Do you want to shop now? Happy shopping!

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Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Attorney

Being compensated after an injury at work is supposed to be a fairly easy process. However, there are situations where things are neither fair nor easy. To increase your chances for success, you may need to hire a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon to handle your claim. Even if your employer chooses not to fight the claim, workers compensation can be complicated. Do not feel ashamed if you need help from a legal expert to help you navigate the system. Here are four reasons to hire an attorney.

1. Avoid Having Your Claim Denied

You have a right to appeal a denied claim, but it is better and easier when things go right the first time. To improve the chances of having your claim approved, you will need to accurately fill out forms and submit supportive documentation. There are also deadlines to meet, as well as responding to different requests in a timely manner. When you have a legal expert in charge of your claim, your chances of having this process run smoothly greatly improves.

2. Minimize Your Stress Level

Trying to recover from an injury comes with a certain level of stress. Adding the process of being compensated while you are at home recuperating increases the amount of worry and concern, which could interfere with you having a smooth recovery. Your attorney can manage your claim while you follow the doctor’s orders to heal properly.

3. Have a Claims Expert Working on Your Behalf

An attorney who specializes in workers compensation claims knows what authorities need. Most importantly, he or she knows what is needed to have a winning claim. Not only can your attorney answer requests quickly and with relative ease, but he or she will know what to do if your claim is denied or delayed.

4. Ensure Your Receive the Right Compensation

The average weekly wage is an important variable in determining the value of a workers comp claim. This amount is used to determine how much you should receive in disability payments while you are unable to work. It is also the basis of a settlement when your case ends.

The insurance company may have an incentive to undervalue your weekly wage average. As a result, you could receive thousands of dollars less than you are entitled to receive.

In addition to cash payments, you may also be entitled to have modifications to your home or job retraining. An attorney will work diligently to ensure your compensation is fair and complete.

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She is now in Fourth- Grade

For others especially public school, school year 2017-2018 started already a month ago, but my daughter just started last week. She is now in Grade 4, how time flies.  New grade level only means, she has new classmates and some were old classmates. She only met her classroom adviser last week but daughter said some of her previous teachers will handle some of their subjects and new teachers as well.  She mentioned that her class adviser was kind and strict at the same time. And he was the youngest teacher in my daughter’s school, i think only 21. Well, we will know him better on the first parent-teacher meeting that will be held very soon.

Daughter mentioned now that she is in fourth grade, they will be choosing three clubs; academic, religious and special interest. Her adviser told them not to choose club because their friends are there but choose the right one for them. I’m also telling this to my daughter and choose the club where she has an interest, that way she will be happy and improve more. I hope this school year will be great one for my daughter. There are many bright students in their section but we will do our best and teach her as much as i can. Now, that she is in grade 4, i hope she will express herself more and be confident at all times. Good luck for this school year, fighting!

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Why Is It So Hard For Me To Get Healthy?

At some point in time, many people realize that they are leading profoundly unhealthy lives. The unwanted ramifications of lackluster health can materialize in numerous ways, some of which include ongoing enervation and mood instability. Some of the more dire consequences of neglecting one’s health include serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Luckily, many people eventually wake up and realize that if they want to live in disease-free bodies, they have to consciously implement changes that promote well-being. Yet in many cases, people make changes yet find that they still don’t feel that great or look ridiculously good. If this is your current wellness dilemma, no worries. To ensure that you can start making progress, first determine whether you’re committing any of the following two health errors:

1. You Have Conventional Eating Habits.

If you eat like most Americans, you’re on the wrong track when it comes to cultivating a healthy mind and body. This is the case because the conventional eating program contains a wide range of fatty animal products that include little to no fiber. Another issue with the conventional mode of eating is that it doesn’t incorporate enough disease-fighting foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Luckily, becoming conscious of these facts empowers you to make more informed food choices that can literally make your body come alive. If you’re looking for simple ways to work more veggies and fruits into your life, try replacing a conventional dinner of steak and potatoes with a nutrient-packed green salad. If you’re looking for kitchen equipment like infrared burners to help you start preparing your meals, note that you can obtain various items by visiting the website

2. You’re Sitting Down All Day.

Unfortunately, many Americans now lead profoundly sedentary lives. Whether it’s sitting down all day at the office desk or lounging on the sofa while using an electronic device, we simply don’t move enough. The outcomes of sitting down all day are startling and sobering. As noted in CBS News, too much sitting can translate into poor heart health. This is even the case for individuals who exercise regularly! With this concept in mind, make sure that you make a point to get up from your desk periodically. One great way to make it happen is to walk to a local diner for lunch rather than ordering in!

Knowledge Is Power!

Becoming aware of health mistakes is the key to correcting them. Refer to the data listed above from time to time to ensure that you’re not reverting back to behaviors that detract from your physiological well-being!

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