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Born for You on ABS-CBN

There is a new show on ABS-CBN which is Born for You. The main casts were Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona. It is a musical drama television series airing Mondays-Fridays after Dolce Amore. I don’t normally watch tagalog series because I find Korean series more appealing but I don’t know why I like Born for You. It might be because I like the chemistry of the main artists. And because I like musical stuff so maybe it is another reason. I wonder if they use cardioid, this one helps in recording vocals. This one also ensures your desired sound is isolated and any unwanted background noise is filtered out. Oh well, good luck for this series. I hope the story of Born for You won’t let me down.

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Peppa Pig out of Homemade Clay Dough

My daughter asked me to make clay dough. This wasn’t the first time because we made one last summer. Since there was no school last Tuesday we made our own clay dough. By the way, I just followed tutorials on youtube. You can choose to cook your dough or not at all. I read that cooked dough has a better texture than uncooked varieties. And you need to use cream of tartar, it helps to make your dough more elastic.

What I made was no cooking and just mixing the ingredients. If you have flour, salt, water, oil and food color, you are good to go. I just mixed everything and formed dough. I was happy to have clay dough without buying. It is expensive to buy clay dough so as much as possible we make our own dough. It is messy doing this thing but it is fulfilling when you see your daughter’s happiness.

Daughter made this character from Peppa Pig. She put it on her huge egg. She wanted to cover it all with clay dough but I think this one looks good already.

Peppa Pig photo peppa pig_zpsjcxwwdqc.jpg
Peppa Pig Play dough photo Peppa Pig playdough_zpsbsyqsbaz.jpg

She made Sponge Bob as well but she was lacking of yellow dough so it didn’t turns the same as Sponge Bob.

Anyway, it has been 4 days since I made her clay dough/playdough and surprisingly the dough was still soft. Next time, I will make again but will cook it. I have to see which one is better.

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Yamaha Headphone while watching Kdrama

For months, I stopped watching Korean drama television series. I have other stuff to make so I have no time watching Kdrama. I always mentioned that I loved watching Kdrama because the stories are all beautiful and love seeing beautiful places in Korea. The other day, I started watching again and read from other K fanatic that Oh my Venus drama was great. I already watched the first episode and I liked it already. I should have yamaha headphones guitar’s center. I’m using a regular headset and the sound is not clear all the time. I need to adjust every time. I think this Yamaha headphone is different and thinking the named Yamaha, it really provides great products.

yamaha headphones photo download_zpsdbsoopuq.png

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Queen Elsa inside Big Kinder Joy Surprise Egg

Just recently we received a package (balikbayan box) from my sister and her family in Canada. My daughter was so excited to receive this package because she was waiting for her surprise eggs. She received 24 Angry Bird Limited Edition Surprise Eggs. She also got 2 big surprise eggs and Barbie surprise eggs limited edition all these from Kinder surprise.

She already opened some of her angry bird eggs and happy with all the toys she got. From the two giant eggs, she got Queen Elsa. We wanted her sister Ana but didn’t get it. Oh well,! s She has still more angry bird eggs to open and 3 Barbie surprise eggs. In every kinder joy surprise egg, you can find a toy and eat chocolate. My daughter loves getting the toy and not really into the chocolate.

This is Queen Elsa, I only captured this one but she has 2 Elsa. The other one is similar to the photo. She is really cute and stunning on her blue gown =). And she can stand on her own so this is really cute. Will try to open her Barbie surprise eggs in the coming days and hope we could get pretty Barbie stuff.

Queen Elsa surprise egg photo queen elsa_zpsoy5us3f5.jpg

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Daughter with Yassi Pressman

Kyla had a chance to have photo with Yassi Pressman. She is a Filipino-British model, actress, television personality and VJ. She loves singing and dancing as well. Actually she dances gracefully. She started acting at the age of 5 and began doing commercial when she was six. Early this year her movie with Andre Paras “Girlfriend for Hire was released, well this wasn’t the first movie she did but I think her first ever lead role (correct me if I’m wrong). She has lots of television appearances including ABS-CBN, GMA Network, TV 5 and other stations.

By the way, this photo was taken in Baluarte Vigan, Ilocos Sur. We saw her walking but didn’t bother because she was busy looking the animals and talking with friends (I guess). We saw her again inside the museum of Baluarte and this time she was walking alone. I immediately approached her if my daughter could have a picture with her. She was kind enough to say yes.

yassi pressman photo Yassi Pressman_zpsvjubbrvr.jpg

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Activities to do this Summer

It’s official, summer once again here in our country. The other day someone gave me a flyer and when I read it, it’s an invitation to attend different activities this summer especially for the kids. Learning instrument caught my attention. I really like my daughter to learn any kind of instruments. His cousin left his ukulele when he went back to Canada. My daughter sometimes using it but I wanted her to learn this instrument deeply. She has also an organ in the abode but rarely touch it. So I hope this summer we will find time to learn this stuff. Sometimes money is the dilemma heheh but I have seen other people learned instrument just by watching youtube. We should try this one. By the way, I saw ariette instrument while watching youtube. This instrument looks interesting. The sound produces is very nice to hear and I believe you can create different sounds out of this instrument. Oh well, I hope our summer would be a productive one for me and my daughter.

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Few Days to go Before School Vacation

Time flies only few days to go before the end of school year 2015-2016. My daughter is currently in grade 2 and in the next school year, she will be attending grade 3. I remember, the first time she attended nursery class. She cried a lot during first week of her stay. I’m glad it’s different today and she loves going to school. Her performances are fine as well although she wasn’t part of overall top 10. But she was included in her class and the last grading my daughter was top 5. For me it’s already a big achievement. Now, they are in the last quarter and doing their final examination since yesterday. It will last until Tuesday next week. I believed after the exam, it will be the start of summer vacation. Oh well, will have to start our review. She needs to review for Math, Christian Living, English and Filipino. After this we will finally celebrating and starting to enjoy school vacation.

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Can Koozie at Reasonable Price

Have you heard about koozie? I saw bottles, cans and other similar things wrapped with fabric. Before I thought it was just a designed or something but later on, I found out that a koozie has benefits to the beverages. A koozie is designed to thermally insulate a beverage container, like a can or bottle. With this, you can keep your beverages cold or hot for a time being.

Koozie has been used by many companies as promotional giveaways. It is not expensive to produce and they can show their company logo or create your own designs. Aside from the different companies this actually can be a giveaway from any parties like birthdays, baptismal, debutant, wedding and other occasions. So where could you possibly use can koozies? There are many occasions where you could bring it for example picnics, camping trips, sports events, travel, parties and a lot more. Koozies are perfect for any events and household uses.

If you are decided to use koozie, I’m suggesting visiting I’ve seen different designs from their site and you could personalize your koozie. The latter is available in variety of colors and styles. Give color, design, style and they will do the rest. The good thing is its really inexpensive and you can save a lot if you’re considering purchasing huge quantity. Production time is approximately 5 working days depending on quantity. Production begins once received approval of artwork and proof of payment. These are some of their can koozie products.

can koozies photo can koozies_zpspz4cgccs.jpg

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SM City Lucena – Grand Magical Christmas Parade 2015

We watched SM City Lucena’s Grand Magical Christmas Parade last December 13 (Sunday). Every year my daughter is always looking forward to this event. The show lasted just under 15 minutes but though it wasn’t long the kids and those young at heart were really happy watching the magical grand parade.

Here are my daughter’s photos with some of the performers of the said show.

Christmas Grand Magical Parade photo Christmas Magical_zpsmy6nugfp.jpg
SM City Lucena Christmas Grand Magical Parade photo SM City Lucena - Grand Christmas Magical Parade 2015_zpsrkhsbgwk.jpg
This is my uploaded video on my youtube channel

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Musicians Friend Coupon Code

Only few days left before Christmas day. I bet many already purchased gifts for their loved ones. Many are thinking ways on how to save money this holiday season. I’m one of those and I’m searching for stores that really give big discounts like 50% off, buy one take 1, using coupons and other ways to save money. Have you heard musicians friend coupon code? You can save a lot if you use coupons. Good thing musicians store is providing this kind of discount. Aside from coupons, you’ll find tons of amazing deals, price drops, rebates or free gifts and daily and weekly deals. There are many ways to save money when you shop at musician’s friend store.

So, if you have friends, relatives, loved one, that you wanted to give instruments or related to instruments, there’s no place like this store and for sure huge discounts are waiting for you.

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