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Why Is It So Hard For Me To Get Healthy?

At some point in time, many people realize that they are leading profoundly unhealthy lives. The unwanted ramifications of lackluster health can materialize in numerous ways, some of which include ongoing enervation and mood instability. Some of the more dire consequences of neglecting one’s health include serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Luckily, many people eventually wake up and realize that if they want to live in disease-free bodies, they have to consciously implement changes that promote well-being. Yet in many cases, people make changes yet find that they still don’t feel that great or look ridiculously good. If this is your current wellness dilemma, no worries. To ensure that you can start making progress, first determine whether you’re committing any of the following two health errors:

1. You Have Conventional Eating Habits.

If you eat like most Americans, you’re on the wrong track when it comes to cultivating a healthy mind and body. This is the case because the conventional eating program contains a wide range of fatty animal products that include little to no fiber. Another issue with the conventional mode of eating is that it doesn’t incorporate enough disease-fighting foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Luckily, becoming conscious of these facts empowers you to make more informed food choices that can literally make your body come alive. If you’re looking for simple ways to work more veggies and fruits into your life, try replacing a conventional dinner of steak and potatoes with a nutrient-packed green salad. If you’re looking for kitchen equipment like infrared burners to help you start preparing your meals, note that you can obtain various items by visiting the website

2. You’re Sitting Down All Day.

Unfortunately, many Americans now lead profoundly sedentary lives. Whether it’s sitting down all day at the office desk or lounging on the sofa while using an electronic device, we simply don’t move enough. The outcomes of sitting down all day are startling and sobering. As noted in CBS News, too much sitting can translate into poor heart health. This is even the case for individuals who exercise regularly! With this concept in mind, make sure that you make a point to get up from your desk periodically. One great way to make it happen is to walk to a local diner for lunch rather than ordering in!

Knowledge Is Power!

Becoming aware of health mistakes is the key to correcting them. Refer to the data listed above from time to time to ensure that you’re not reverting back to behaviors that detract from your physiological well-being!

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How to Overcome Dental Fear

Being afraid of the dentist is pretty normal for kids and teenagers. However, after years of regular checkups, most adults grow out of their fear of the dentist. After all, most dental procedures are an annoying hour or two in the chair at most, then you can get along with your day.

The problem is that not everybody overcomes their fear of the dentist with age. For some people, the fear of the dentist’s chair never really fades away. These individuals may find it hard to even go in for things like basic cleanings.

You don’t have to live in fear of the dentist anymore though. Keep reading to learn more about how you can overcome your fear of visiting a dentist. Whether you’re opting for cosmetic dentistry Brooklyn dentists offer, or you just need a routine checkup, getting over your mental hurdle is possible.

Know Why You’re Scared

For many people, a fear of going to the dentist starts early on. If that’s the case, it may be able to figure out the root cause of your fear. For example, a dentist who hurt you as a child can create seeds of fear that stick with you for years to come.

Dentists that shamed you for not brushing or flossing properly may also be to blame, especially if you fear judgment for bad teeth. The fact is that dentists today don’t do this, as they now realize it’s not good for their customers and their self-esteem. After all, patients afraid of judgment put off going to the dentist, making their teeth even worse.

Whatever the reason, knowing why you’re scared of the dentist can help you begin to overcome your fear.

Consider Counseling

Individuals who are deeply afraid of the dentist may find it hard to overcome their fear simply by uncovering the root cause. In these cases, short-term or long-term counseling may be an ideal option.

Talking about why you have this fear as well as getting methods for coping with fear are both possible. Over time, you may find your fear of the dentist reduced to the point where you can make an appointment for services needed.

Once you get that far and you end up in the dentist’s chair, you’ll likely find that it isn’t that scary at all. You’ll never know until you get there though.

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How to Find a Good Prosthetics Designer

Modern technology has developed many amazing things. One of these incredible advancements is the creation of prosthetics that can make people have a normal appearance after a disfiguring accident or a birth defect. You or someone you love might be in need to a certain type of prosthetic. There are a wide variety of companies that are in the business of designing and making prosthetics. How do you go about finding the company that makes the highest quality prosthetics for your particular situation? Here are several tips that will assist you in accomplishing this task.

1. Has the company been in business for many years?

Ideally, you should only do business with a prosthetics manufacturer that has many years of experience in the industry. You do not want to deal with a company that just got started in the business because there is no telling how good their prosthetics are. You do not want to put yourself in a situation where the prosthetic you purchase malfunctions while you are using it. Therefore, you should only deal with a company that has a proven track record of making dependable child prosthetics.

2. Will the prosthetics manufacturer guarantee the quality of their products?

The prosthetic device that you need to buy could be quite expensive. Therefore, it is important that you are able to make this purchase with complete confidence. This means that you should only deal with a prosthetics company that will replace any prosthetic if it malfunctions for any reason while you are using it. Make sure that you find out the specific terms of any warranty that covers the prosthetic device you are buying.

3. Is the prosthetic designer getting good reviews from previous clients?

It would be in your best interests to go online and find out what other people are saying about some of the prosthetics companies around the country. This will give you a good idea about the quality of the products that they produce. Make a note of the companies that get praised and criticized. You will be able to make use of this info during your search for a prosthetics designer.

4. How much do they charge?

Obviously, the price will be a key consideration. This is why you should contact multiple companies and see how much the prices differ. You can then make an educated decision. Some companies might be willing to negotiate with you in certain situations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making them a lower offer if their original price is too expensive for you. There is also the chance that the company you contact could refer you to a different designer that charges less.

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What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

Human chorionic gonadotropin, also known as HCG, is a pregnancy hormone made by cells of the placenta. After implantation of the fetus in the uterus, HCG is released into the pregnant woman’s bloodstream. A blood or urine test is used to check HCG levels.

A blood test can confirm pregnancy by testing HCG levels at about 11 days post-conception. An HCG test at the doctor’s office will also detect HCG levels within 14 days of conception. Home pregnancy tests also measure HCG, but these tests are generally considered less accurate.

Pregnancy Tests

Ask your doctor for a pregnancy test at least 11 days after suspected conception. This is seven days past the expected period date. It is possible to test urine on an earlier date by collecting urine over a minimum four-hour period. HCG will accumulate in the urine and the laboratory may be able to confirm elevated HCG levels indicating pregnancy at that time.

Before collecting a urine sample at the doctor’s office, use a wipe to clean the vulva. Release some urine into the toilet. Hold the urine collection cup to midstream urine flow to collect a test sample. In most cases, the doctor will perform the rapid test while you’re in the office. You will know the results in a short period of time.

Lab vs. Home Pregnancy Test

The cost of a home pregnancy test may be higher than a visit to the doctor’s office or recommended laboratory. Not all pregnant women get a confirmed positive result using a home test on the first try. Your doctor’s office can test for HCG earlier and with greater accuracy than a home pregnancy test. Many women and their partners want to hear the longer-for good news as soon as possible.


Human chorionic gonadotropin is only naturally present after a woman becomes pregnant. HCG levels increase very rapidly within the first trimester of pregnancy. Although a home pregnancy test can usually tell the pregnant woman that HCG is present, it does not capture HCG levels.

HCG levels should continue to rise during the early months of pregnancy. A declining level of HCG can indicate a problem with the pregnancy or pending miscarriage. Women who use HCG as a dietary supplement may have artificially elevated HCG levels.

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Interesting Jewelry That Can Ease Pain

I found a site that offers interesting jewelry stuff. Why these jewelries are interesting? Because they are not just accessories that beautify us but surprisingly these jewelries can cure pain. One example is amethyst necklace. The latter is made of crushed hematite formed into ceramic beads. They combined the magnetic therapy of hematite with the gemstone healing of amethyst and chrysoprase. Magnetic necklaces are the strongest treatment for head (headaches, migraines, and allergies), neck (bulging disk, tension, and whiplash) and shoulders arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and frozen shoulder.

What I like in the store is the half moon sg. According to the site this magnetic bracelet photo magneticbracelet_zps64df6bf8.jpgkind of bracelet provides therapy especially for hand (arthritis, tendinitis), wrist (arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel), elbow (arthritis, tendonitis) and shoulder (bursitis, tendonitus, frozen shoulder). If you are suffering pain especially in your head, neck, hand, back and knees, for sure you want to ease the pain. Just like I found it here you could find jewelry that best interest you.

My birthday is coming in the next few days, if you are planning to give me present this bracelet (photo) is the best choice, heheh.

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Health problem when facing too much computer

I can’t believe I’m blogging for almost 3 years already. That’s long but still considered myself as a newbie. When I started blogging I don’t know anything about this thing. They said there is money in blogging so I tried it. I started using free domain and later on purchased my own domain. Now, I’m managing 6 blogs, still few compared to other bloggers who managed almost 10.

I’m not sure if I will add more because updating all the blogs regularly is hard for me. But I’m trying my best that’s the reason why I’m always online everyday. And because I’m always facing computer/laptop at longer hours, I already experience back pain. I remember last Christmas day I was just on the bed because of my back pain. That same day I went to the doctor to ask his opinion about my back pain. I was glad because the doctor didn’t say anything serious like Spinal stenosis. He just told me about muscle problem. He asked my everyday doings and when he knew about my blogging stuff. He just advised me to take a break every time I’m online, like 1-2 hours rest and then go back again online.

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Philhealth Contribution

For one year I wasn’t able to pay my contribution to Philippine Heath Insurance Corporation or Philhealth. So, I’m thankful because Kyla and I are not encountering any problem regarding our health for this period and hoping we will not have any health problems issues. Anyway, I went to Philhealth office in our place today (thank God I finally made it). I asked them if I can still use my Philhealth because of my one year absent of not paying anything. They said I can still use it but it’s just like using it from the start. I mean the benefits will be started by April so I hope Kyla and I will not get sick. Philhealth assists especially if you confined in the hospital because sometimes half of your bills will take in charge by Philhealth. So this is really important and I guess a must to have.

For me not to forget my quarterly payment I paid my one year contribution already. So I will start my payment again January next year. I hope I will not forget my obligation to pay so will not worry if anything happen (but not wishing for that).

I also asked for my new ID. I thought I will wait for days to get it but in just few minutes I already received my new Philhealth ID. It’s almost the same from the old one but now there is picture already. Well this is better because it is really looks an ID.

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Dengue Outbreak

Dengue fever is very alarming. I watch news almost everyday and dengue outbreak is always present in the news. It was said that it doubles the number of patient compared last year. And the worst many had already died. Recently, two siblings were died because of Dengue. Dengue affects not only children but all ages. It is also considered as fatal/deadly disease so we should be very careful at all times. 

I’m sure you all know that Dengue fever came from infected mosquito bites. It is spread by the bite of an Aedes mosquito. The mosquito transmits the disease by biting an infected person and then biting someone else. 

So the problem here is the mosquito so we should focus on destroying them. By doing simple things like cleaning our backyard I think this is big thing if all of us would take part. Another thing is to remove stagnant water because normally mosquito lives and lays some eggs. Cover the entire container so mosquito will not dare to come in. The government already provides solution on how to grasp the mosquito. They also providing test vaccination on Dengue but I think it will be available in the coming years. Recently they tried it already in areas that really affected by Dengue and they put an eye on the persons who had vaccination for the side effect if there is any.

Signs and Symptoms: 

Normally patient has fever, headache, muscle and joint pains. Skin rashes is also present similar to measles. In severe cases bleeding and vomiting is also present. If you have these symptoms better hurry and have your check up. It is better to have an early consultation rather than doing nothing because terrible thing might happen unexpectedly.

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Dysmenorrhea strikes again everytime I have my monthly period this is always present on my first day. Usually the pain lasted for 1-2 hours and the only thing I can do is to sleep or to take some nap. And when I woke up everything is fine. I remember way back when I was still very young my sister’s remedy is to drink lambanog (wine made from coconut) probably it lessen the pain. My other sister takes medicine to ease the pain but for me I prefer not to take any medicine or drink wine. Sleeping or taking a nap is my only remedy. Earlier this Dysmenorrhea strikes again good thing after taking a nap the pain was gone.

I’m experiencing this thing since my College days and I don’t give importance to it. I mean for me its normal thing in every woman when having menstruation. I hope I’m right with this? Do you experience the same thing? Anyway, I google about Dysmenorrhea and found some articles regarding this thing. So it is a condition refers to the pain or discomfort associated with menstruation. Normally pain or cramp is present during this time. There are many remedies provided in the net for mild to severe pain. I just got the simplest thing we can do that doesn’t require any amount. So here it is if you experience the same thing here are some Remedies for Dysmenorrhea.

Heat – Apply a heating pad to the lower abdomen.

Self-massage – Do circular massage with the fingertips around lower abdomen.

Exercise – Walk or exercise regularly.

Diet  –  Eat light and frequent meals. Increase intake of complex carbohydrates and decrease intake of salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

Stress reduction – Practicing techniques like meditation and yoga can reduce stress.  (thanks google for some information). 

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Pineapple and the benefits in our body

We all know that Pineapple contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients. One of them is Vitamin C which helps our immune system and it’s good also for protecting our body. It’s said that people who do not consume enough Vitamin C often develop puffy gums, wounds that don’t heal, easy bruising and bleeding Gums. Aside from Vitamin C pineapple also gives us Calcium. We all know that calcium is needed in our body to make our bone stronger. But this is just one of the many benefits of calcium in our body. Another benefit of eating pineapple is the Potassium and Fiber it gives to us.

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