Enjoying my Clipboard at Clipix

I have so many files in my laptop like photos, documents and important articles. But lately, i have difficulty in locating my files because i don’t remember where i saved it. So, my solution always is to search the file all over again. This is not good because it is time consuming. Thankfully, i heard about clipix so i went to their site to make familiar with it. I learned that you can saved all your files here by creating your own clipboard which you will use to organize your stuff. Anything and everything can be saved in your clipboard, wow this is good idea because dislocate files are not problem anymore. I have clipix video here so you will understand more.

Cool right? In just one-click,  we can save anything and we can even share it to our friends and family wherever they are. The good thing is it is free to use clipix, sounds good right? There is no limit in adding clipboard so its really a good site to save all your important stuff. I encourage you to open an account now in clipix.com because this site is really helpful when it comes to organizing things online. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up.

I tried clipix already and have fun using it. See my clipboard below, I put all my favorite shoes in my clipboard under Great Shoes. Its really helpful and well organized. I am excited to use Clipix again and save my favorite recipes/foods. This is fun, so better try it.

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