Fruit of Labor

Last January I said that I wanted to have Toy Cabinet. Kyla has many toys and they are scattered in the floor everyday. Since I don’t have enough cash 3 months ago it was never take place. I’m glad that after working so hard in blogosphere this toy cabinet made possible.

Toy Cabinet

This not yet finish but I wanted to show it already, I’m just excited that all the toys will have their own place hopefully by next week. I’m thinking of what paint to put something that is girly or for kids. Any idea?

12 thoughts on “Fruit of Labor”

  1. Oi mukhang malaki ah, mas maganda talaga pag pasadya kesa bumili ng gawa na kasi mas mahal yon. I suggest PINK total uso yon ngaun (hehe) tapos girl naman si Kylie. Pero usually ang built-in cabinet eh kulay varnish or yellow brown diba?

  2. ayos madam ah! congrats sau, ako malau pa magkakaroon ng pproject coming from blogosphere

    nwyz, i would suggest brown and then varnish. para classic ang dating madam. tsaka meron naman varnish to make the furniture looks like Narra wood.wink!

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