Reasons why you should get an Aeration System

If you have a pond or body of water, you should consider getting an aeration system for it. There is a good chance that you don’t know what an aeration system is or what it does. You have been around them, though. People that own standing bodies of water use them all the time. Here are three reasons that you should get an aeration system.


Your body of water probably stratifies during the summer months. As it sits stagnantly, the oxygen moves to the top of the water. That causes the bottom layer to run almost entirely out of oxygen. That is a bad thing because it causes the buildup of algae and other organic materials. The process can also be dangerous if your pond is stocked with fish. There are certain species of fish that like to live near the floor of the body of water where they live. They cannot do this if the pond becomes to stratified. An aeration system will redistribute the oxygen equally throughout the water to combat this. That will help bottom-dwelling fish survive the summer months and the thermal stratification that they bring.


The lack of oxygen doesn’t just affect fish. There are invisible microorganisms in the water that are also affected by stratification. A lot of them are essential to the mini-ecosystem that is a pond or lake. One of the primary functions of these organisms is to clean the pond and get rid of waste. Without proper oxygenation through aeration, a bIody of water can become filthy.


If you live in a cold area, your pond probably gets frozen over during the winter months. That causes a problem when it comes to oxygen levels in the water. The thick sheet of ice on the surface of a lake prevents new oxygen from getting into the water. Since it can’t happen naturally, you need to find an unnatural way to get oxygen in there. That is another way that an aeration system comes in handy. It can make sure that fresh oxygen is being pumped into the water even when it is frozen over.

There are multiple aeration services companies in the area. Atlanta Aquatics is an example of a company for aeration systems Sandy Springs Georgia has to offer. If you are thinking about having a system installed or need some maintenance done on your current system, you should give them a call.

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Milo Ready-to-Drink Champ Cooler plus Woodwind and Brasswind Instruments

Kyla loves to drink Milo. Good to know there is ready-to-drink available in the market. I saw their promo of free champ cooler when you buy 4pcs Milo ready-to-drink. I grabbed it. I mentioned before that I do love getting freebies. Not all the time but if we have budget, she is bringing ready-to-drink Milo in school with this champ. I believe this cooler could make her Milo stay cold. By the way, she is using this champ cooler with her yakult as well.

milo ready to drink photo Milo ready-to-drink_zpswbqhmsrn.jpg

Ooops, I need to search online about woodwind and brasswind instruments a friend of mine is asking a favor if I could find information on these two instruments. She is making a report on this stuff.



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Shopping for Medical Apparel Online

A variety of careers in healthcare require that you wear special clothing. This apparel keeps you safe while treating patients and also makes you recognizable to patients and others in the medical facility. However, it can be difficult to find clothing like Dickies lab coats, nursing scrubs, and other outerwear in your local big box or department stores. Rather than going without the required clothing that you need to work, you can shop for employer-approved outfits today online.

Clothing to Wear to Work

Depending on your particular job, you may need to wear clothing that is both practical and comfortable while treating patients. Nurses, for example, typically wear loose fitting scrubs that let them move and bend easily throughout their shift.

When you shop online, you can find nursing scrubs that are both comfortable and fun. The outfits feature bright colors, cartoon characters, and other embellishments that help you look more approachable while also providing you with long-lasting comfort throughout your shift.

If you are a physician or a lab technician, you may be required to wear long lab coats that will protect you from body fluids like vomit and blood. The lab coats for sale online are available in a wide assortment of sizes and styles. They also meet the professional standards outlined by most healthcare employers.

Medical Apparel as Costumes

When you are searching for the ideal costume to wear for Halloween or other occasions, you may find the perfect solution to this dilemma by shopping on the medical apparel website. The company makes available gear that resembles the same scrubs, coats, and more worn by actors on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. You can dress up as your favorite TV doctor or nurse when you shop online today.

You can also find medical outfits that are made for the youngest of costume wearers. Children love dressing up as doctors and nurses for Halloween. They also love to wear these outfits to mimic Mom or Dad when either parent works in the healthcare industry. The website sells scrubs, lab coats, and other gear in children’s sizes. You can surprise your little pretend doctor or nurse with an outfit purchased online.

Healthcare employers expect their doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to dress the part of their chosen careers. You can find scrubs, coats, and more to wear to work. You can also find medical costumes for sale on the website.

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Have to Fix 9v AC Adapter

I searched online on how to play twinkle twinkle using piano organ. Fortunately there are lots of tutorials available online. We tried one and i believed it did sound twinkle twinkle. I think if you are passionate and willing to learn something there are many ways to do it whether with instructors or learning by yourself. Too bad we can’t use daughter’s piano organ lately because something bad happened to 9v ac adapter
I think rat bit the cord, we can use battery instead but it is expensive and drain very fast. Maybe I should go to electrician and let fix this cord. I think it is cheaper than buying new one.

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Bottle-Shaped Tumbler from Monde Special Mamon

I always love buying with free item. I feel happy every time I have free item. Even if there is available coupon I would love to collect and use it in my shopping. Anyway, the other day while buying my daughter’s snack for school, I saw this Monde Special Mamon Vanilla Cream with free limited edition tumbler. As I said, I love free item so I bought this mamon and besides my daughter eats this bread. By the way before buying goods with free item, I always check whether it is really free or I will just save a little amount.

 photo monde_zpsxewawght.jpg

I find this tumbler cute with shaped of a bottle. There is printed monde image in front of the bottle. I think this tumble is available in three color, not sure though but I saw only 3, white, red and yellow. I chose white because it is transparent and I could easily see if there is water or juice inside this tumbler. I like this tumble but it did leak so a little disappointment. And because it leaks I don’t think it is a good idea to bring this tumbler to her school or else her things will all get wet. It is best to use this tumbler at home. So … do you love getting freebies as well?





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Eating while Listening to Music

Daughter and I favorite bonding when we are in the mall is eating. For sure you know where we ate these foods.

 photo chowking_zpsn54wilch.jpg

Their wonton mami and asado siopao are my favorite.

 photo chowking wanton_zps13ucmib7.jpg

 photo chowking asado siopao_zpsukmty8qy.jpg

What makes their siopao tasty, for me is the sauce. Just these wonton mami and siopao satisfied my appetite. Same with my daughter she likes these foods as well but chicharap will make her stomach full.

 photo chowking chips_zpsti8xnghp.jpg

We enjoy eating all these foods because they tasted good and aside from the taste, we also enjoy our dining because of the background music in the store. I feel like sitting even we finished all the foods. I’m not sure if they are using benchmark audio because of the clarity of the sounds. Anyway, I’m sure you know where we ate, so any favorite food from this food store?


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Easy Payments on Your Purchases

Credit catalogues allow you to pay for your goods by breaking up the payments into monthly chunks so that they are more affordable. These pay monthly catalogues are a good way to make a large purchase such as home appliances or furniture, or you may just want to go on a spending spree and treat yourself a bit. Paying for your goods over a period of time makes it easier for you to budget for large purchases and for expensive times of year such as Christmas. As long as you make the minimum payment each month you can take as long as you want to pay for the items you have ordered.

When you apply to open an account with a catalogue you will be given a credit limit. You are then able to order goods up to the value of this limit. When you have spent money on your account you will receive a statement each month that tells you the minimum amount of money that you need to pay. You will have the choice to pay this minimum payment, pay a higher amount than this or pay off the balance in full. If you choose to spread the cost of your purchases then you will be charged interest which means you will pay more overall. If you can’t pay for the goods in full, you can reduce the amount of interest that you pay by making more than the minimum payment each month.

If you operate your account well and make all your payments on time, then the company will review your credit limit occasionally and they may increase this limit. If you do not want this increase then you are able to opt out of it but it can allow you to buy more items for your home and it can come in useful if you have an appliance break down suddenly as you will have the means to purchase something new. Managing your account well will also improve your chances of getting credit from elsewhere.

Different catalogue companies will offer different products but most of them tend to offer clothing for men, women and children, as well as electrical items and other products for the home such as decorations and furniture. Some catalogues offer a specialist range of clothing such as plus size ranges, or clothes that have been designed for the older customers. There is nothing to stop you becoming a customer of more than one catalogue which will give you access to a wider range of items.

There are many different catalogue companies that are in operation today, and they all have different specialties. If you visit Pay It later there is a list of some of these companies with details about the type of services that they provide. This will let you choose which catalogue you want to open an account with, and there are also links which will take you directly to the catalogue site.

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First Grading Report Card

Last week i went to my daughter’s school to get her first grading report card. I was happy with her grades although she wasn’t included in top 9. She got 84 in Reading. It’s a rule in her school that below 85 will not be included in the top list. So I’m a little disappointed Anyway, but still grateful that in other 9 subjects she was included in the top students. Let me share to you, she was Top 2 in Christian Living and computer, Top 3 in English, Mathematics and MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health), Top 4 in Sibika, Top 5 in Mother Tongue and Science, lastly she was top 6 in Filipino. She was achievers in all her subjects except in Reading.

Overall I was happy with her grades but we need to make extra effort for her to be included in the top list. By the way her adviser told me she was number 9 in her class (out of 35) if based in average but as I said those with grades below 85 will not be included in list. So we are hoping next report card she won’t get 85 below for her to get spot. Oh well, good job kyla, just enjoy your school… no pressure!

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Four Things You Have to do Before the Summer Officially Ends

The end of summer is a sad time, but it’s luckily not over yet! We still have a few weeks left before the trees start to change colors and the weather gets cold before the winter. If you want to take advantage of the few remaining summer days we have left to enjoy, here are four things to think about… before it’s officially too late.

1. Get Some Hiking In

No matter where you live, you can usually find some pretty nice hikes. If you don’t live in the lush rocky mountains, maybe it will be more of a walk; the important thing is to be outside before the days get short and nights cold. You can do a quick online search for hikes/walks in your area or you can just wing it and head out. If you are going anywhere unknown or deep into nature, be see to tell some close friends of your plans, and be prepared for any situation!!

2. Picnic Around the Parks

If you can’t fit it into your schedules to get out of town for some nice nature hikes, maybe break the adventures into smaller excursions and do a handful of picnics, weather permitting, indifferent parks around your area. A Google Maps search can help you find the closest park to your home. Try to get some other families involved, the more the merrier.

3. Head to the Water One Last Time

For those of you where the winters get really cold, you may want to head to the beach, pool, lake, or water park one more time! Even if you don’t enjoy the water, you can take a packed lunch, umbrella, beach games, etc. The activity is the event. If you need something to wear to such a water event, check out the selection offers. They have great styles and great deals so you’ll even be ready for next summer!

4. End of Summer BBQ

Everybody loves a good BBQ. Why not send summer off with a bang, invite over your closest friends and relatives, have some refreshments and get celebrate the end of the summer together. Ask different groups to bring different necessities so not all the responsibility falls on you! Maybe some will even stick around late and help clean up.

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Born for You on ABS-CBN

There is a new show on ABS-CBN which is Born for You. The main casts were Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona. It is a musical drama television series airing Mondays-Fridays after Dolce Amore. I don’t normally watch tagalog series because I find Korean series more appealing but I don’t know why I like Born for You. It might be because I like the chemistry of the main artists. And because I like musical stuff so maybe it is another reason. I wonder if they use cardioid, this one helps in recording vocals. This one also ensures your desired sound is isolated and any unwanted background noise is filtered out. Oh well, good luck for this series. I hope the story of Born for You won’t let me down.

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