Welcome to my Food Blog

Welcome to my food blog. This is my third blog already and got all for free. Just some summary of my blogs, my first ever blog is Working at home which is under blogspot. Then mid of January 2010 is the born of my second personal blog – mhonz.com (Real PINAY Blogger) which is a prize in a blog contest. And now after less than 2 months I finally have my Food blog. This is again free of charge for one year.

Where did this came from? There are many generous people and one of them is Belle. By the way I knew Belle because of a friend blogger Winchester of Flowing Rhythms. She asked me if I want to create another blog for FREE which has own domain and self hosted for 1 year, who would say NO to that? So I told her that I want to grab it. Winchster gave the link in FB about the free domain and hosting. Upon reading the post there is 1 more available slot. So, I left message and sent an email also asking if the slot is still available. After a couple of minutes Belle answered and said yes it’s available. So here I am working on this Food Blog.

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Again, please support this blog. The success of this blog depends on your support 🙂 Thank you very much in advance … happy bloggingg 🙂