Coconut Macaroons

I baked Filipino Coconut Macaroons. It wasn’t my first time baking this sweet. I even sold this one before. I stopped because i don’t have big oven. I only bake in small size oven. I don’t think it is good thing to bake and sell. It consumes electricity compared to regular size of oven. The small oven in the house can only bake maximum of 20 coconut macaroons in one baking. So, I need to bake 3x if I need 60 pieces. If only we have regular oven in the house because it can bake 60 pieces in one baking, I believe so.

coconut macaroons photo coconut macaroons_zpsazsywnou.jpg

Anyway, so i baked coconut macaroons once again. I have ready ingredients and I’m afraid they will go to waste again. I have ingredients that went to the trash because i forgot i have them and when i checked all expired already. I have two packs of desiccated coconut, i forgot when i bought them. I checked the expiration date and still fine actually 4 months before it expires. This is the main ingredient in filipino coconut macaroon. I have the other ingredients so i baked this one. There are many tutorials online about this Filipino macaroons but i chose kawalingpinooy, thanks a lot for your recipe. If you follow her recipe, I’m sure your coconut macaroons will not let you down. Oh well, since it is summertime here in my place, i look forward to bake more sweets. Too bad my daughter didn’t help me baking this sweet, but she ate half of the coconut macaroons I baked.

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I Love Baking

For the past months I was very interested in baking. It was started when my niece from Canada gave us kyowa oven. It’s not the big oven but just a toaster. I was eager to use it and my first baked was banana loaf. My first tried wasn’t good because it was burned then after few days I tried again and it was done properly. After banana loaf, I tried banana chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies, carrot muffin, chocolate cupcake, chocolate crinkles and recently apple pie. Thanks for all the video tutorials and the power of google search.

I never thought that I could do baking. Honesty, I don’t have all the equipments in baking especially mixer. I do mixing all the ingredients manually. I know mixer is a big help in baking but I still have other prioritize. I hope soon I’ll get one. And when that time comes I like to have a mixer lifts at ovis as well. This one saves space and keeps the mixer handy. Anyhow, I’m planning to bake mango pie because this fruit is in season. I will share photos when it’s done.

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