Daughter’s 9th Birthday

My daughter is no longer a baby. She just turned 9 lastRed ribbon birthday cake photo birthday cake_zps0tbbsshx.jpg November 10. Time flies … if there is a chance to turn back time, I would love to. I feel there were many things we didn’t do for the last years. Unfortunately, what I’m thinking is impossible to happen so have to move forward and see what this year would offer for my daughter. Hope she will do many new things. Hope things that we didn’t do for the last 8 years will happen this year and the coming years. Above all, I pray that God will continue to bless and guide her while growing up.

Anyway, I didn’t prepare for a huge celebration. We just had dinner in the house. I cooked tuna carbona. I learned this simple pasta food from my sister and it turned out luscious. I roasted turkey in the oven, thanks to my brother for the turkey. He is raising 6 turkeys and we need to roast one for this day. So sad for this turkey but we enjoyed eating it. For my daughter to feel her 9th birthday, I bought cake in Red Ribbon. Happy birthday to you my dearest Kyla. Sorry if you can’t get everything but I’m glad you understand the situation.

Daughter’s 8th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated my daughter’s 8th birthday. It wasn’t a big celebration and I just prepared simple foods. I only invited my family and some of our neighborhood. She turned 8 on November 10 but because it was school day, I decided to celebrate her birthday on weekend.

Party is not allowed in her current school unlike in her previous school. But teacher allowed my daughter to give something for her classmates. So, I prepared small bag of goodies and my daughter distributed the goodies to all her classmates after school.

Here are some of the photos on her 8th birthday celebration

This is a Red Ribbon chocolate cake

 photo red ribbon birthday cake_zpsbj0edtgn.jpg

I baked two cupcakes, chocolate and banana top with butter icing. I added sprinkles and marshmallow on top. I’m not a real baker but these cupcakes are eatable, hahah!

 photo homemade cupcake_zpsrzgiat3z.jpg

Blowing of the candle

 photo birthday party_zpsbrodbhhp.jpg

She was happy with her firework birthday candle

 photo fireworks birthday candle_zps0ndc7n9n.jpg

Foods I prepared for her birthday

 photo birthday food ideas_zps2sqharne.jpg

There were no games at all but these kids made their own games and indeed enjoyed.

 photo kids playing_zpsnpjhamcw.jpg

Happy 8th birthday again, Kyla. You are growing so fast. I hope all your prayers each night will all be granted. Good health and enjoy every second of your life.

Father’s 77th Birthday

Yesterday was my father’s 77th birthday. Sadly, he passed away 7 years ago so there’s no way to celebrate his birthday. Instead, we went to his grave and sang happy birthday song. I wasn’t ready when he passed away but years have passed and I already accepted that he wasn’t here anymore. Anyway, I missed him and I just hope and pray that in time he will be with God. Oh well, if ever he is alive I think the best gift for his birthday could be bought at for taylor of old bond street products. The store has been manufacturing luxury grooming products for men since 1854. Products are made in England; they offer the finest shaving brushes & accessories, razors, deodorants, talcs, soaps, aftershaves and colognes.

Attended 1st and 7th Birthday

Five days ago, my daughter attended two birthday celebration on the same day. Good thing different time so daughter  has able to attend both parties. The first one was lunch time and the other one was late in the afternoon.

The first one celebrated 7th birthday. She was my daughter’s former classmate when she was in prep. Now, that my daughter transferred in a new school they haven’t seen for a long time but I have still communication with the mother of the celebrant. I also invited them when my daughter celebrated 7th birthday.

 photo 7thbirthday_zpsc16a4182.jpg
my daughter and the celebrant wearing yellow dress

 When we got home, we went straight to the other party which is just in front of our house. The celebrant celebrated her first birthday. Wow, I just noticed good combination 1st birthday and 7th birthday.


 photo kidsparty_zpsc3734c42.jpg
Participating in the party games

My daughter both enjoyed the party and went home with some goodies.


How to Come Up with a Great Kid’s Birthday Cake Design

Your child’s birthday is always going to be a special day that you want to celebrate. And what better way is there to honour your son or daughter than by coming up with a unique and fun birthday cake design that no one will ever forget?

 photo cake_zps512ee097.jpg
Photo by Amanda Leamons
Continue reading for tips on how to come up with a great kid’s birthday cake design that everyone will enjoy looking at and then indulging in. Be sure to take plenty of pictures before making the first cut!

Think About the Season Your Kid’s Birthday Falls Within

If you find yourself having trouble coming up with a birthday party theme and a design for your child’s birthday cake, consider what season his or her birthday falls within. For a summer birthday bash, for example, especially if you’re throwing a pool party, you can design a birthday cake in the shape of a large and colourful fish, complete with cupcakes with light blue frosting that can serve as the bubbles that come out of the fish’s mouth. The creative use of a spatula can help you in achieving the texture of the scales on the fish.

Rainbow Layered Cake

Another fun design could be a rainbow layered cake. Using various food colourings, you can make separate layers for a large cake that can feed a crowd. While the exterior frosting can be one uniform colour with design accents of your choice, the real surprise will happen when you cut into the cake and you reveal a rainbow of colours separated by yummy frosting.

Castle Cakes for Princesses

Cakes can be made into just about any shape imaginable. If you’re an excellent baker and you have experience in designing intricate cakes, you can make a castle cake on your own by assembling it into the shape of a castle, complete with frosted sugar cones that can serve as its turrets. But if you are worried about your ability to make the cake come out perfectly, it’s best to leave this type of design up to the professionals who have a portfolio of large cakes in a variety of designs.

Use Cupcakes for a Pull-Apart Cake

Using colourful cupcakes, you can create a pull-apart cake that requires no cutting whatsoever. This takes a bit of strategy and patience, though, as you’ll need to frost each individual cupcake and then piece them all together like a puzzle to create a cohesive design. Some bakers choose to keep things simple by setting up the cupcakes in the shape of the age of the birthday boy or girl, while others can create entire landscape designs or cartoon characters. Kids dig in by taking one cupcake at a time, allowing for perfect portion control.

When it comes to creating a birthday cake design for your child, have fun. And if you absolutely can’t figure out how to bake an elaborate cake on your own, rest assured that there are plenty of professional bakers available who can make your design idea come to life.

Loot bags

I constantly mentioned in my other blogs that Kyla will be celebrating her birthday this month. Tomorrow is her definite birthday (November 10).  So today, I prepared everything. I bought all the things we will be needed for her birthday. She will celebrate her birthday in school. It’s not a blast just simple celebration with her classmates.

Anyway, the other day we already prepared the loot bags she will give to her classmates. Her loot bags contained toys, pony tail and candies. She is excited to give it to her classmates. Have to end it here need to sleep early I hope Kyla will enjoy her first birthday in school.

Orange Table Cloth plus Foodies! :)

The new meme in town is here “Orange Tuesday” hosted by Sheng of Shengkay’s Randomness… Honestly, I’m not an orange lover but I’m giving my 100% support on this new meme and hoping to join weekly. So for my first share I have this photo taken few days ago on my birthday. I’m sure it’s showed clearly the orange things here :). The young lady in the photo is my niece…