United Nations Celebration

I was too busy last October so I forgot to share my daughter’s photo last United Nations celebration in their school.  My daughter joined United Nations in school happened last October 27. It’s not compulsory to join but I let her joined this time because she didn’t join last year. I picked Chinese costume for her.  She turns 10 few days ago but still I am the one who decide for her. Every time I asked her, the response will always be “whatever you want.”

Anyhow, I chose her to represent Chinese because of her looks. I also wanted her to wear Korean Hanbok, not because I loved Korean drama but because many are saying she looks like Korean. But due to lack of time, I decided Chinese costume and i’m thinking she can still use the dress even not United Nations celebration. This dress can be worn in New Year celebration.

United Nations celebration in school was really simple. They just parade in the school vicinity and went to the gym after the parade. They chose two representatives for each grade, one boy and one girl. But everyone had the chance to walk on stage.

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