Busy in school – 4th Grade

As I said in my previous blog, my daughter has many school works to do or project in different subject. This is new to us because we didn’t make school project in Grade 1-3. Good thing we finished 5 and teachers already checked them. I help my daughter in her project because she can’t do it alone. And parent is allowed to help as long as the parent is not the one who will make the whole project. Thankful she received good score in all projects she already submitted. Daughter said she has another project in Computer subject but they will do it in school. They just have to bring materials needed. I hope this is the last project for first quarter.

Their first quarterly exam will be next week. . So as early as today I already started making her reviewer. She doesn’t have tutor ever since she started school. She doesn’t like going to tutor after school so I don’t push her. So I am the one helping her in all her lessons from the beginning. There are lessons I’m really clueless but through reading, I am able to teach her. We are learning at the same time  Anyway, we already started reviewing in advance so she will be prepared for their examination. Good luck to me hahah of course to my daughter. I hope she will get high score, perfect score is a bonus.

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Project Overload

From Grade 1-3, my daughter didn’t do many projects in all her subjects. Now, that she’s in Grade 4, project overload. Her school just started a month ago but we do lots of project already. We finished some and working on another project. Thanks goodness project are not hard and parent is allowed to help. This morning she submitted her P.E. project “Physical Activity Pyramid, it can be flat or 3D.
I was exhausted doing this project, tired because we made it just one day but honestly this pyramid wasn’t hard at all. The problem was we finished it a day before submission but teacher mentioned it two weeks ago. Lesson learned do everything in advance.
I made similar pyramid just like in this site https://arts.onehowto.com/article/how-to-make-a-pyramid-out-of-cardboard-336.html.

I just covered the pyramid with different colors using construction paper. I did this to divide her physical activity, those in bottom should put her physical activity that are done regularly or always, next sometimes, seldom and never.

I hope she will get good grade although I made more effort than my daughter but she helped me in this project. She was responsible for cutting, pasting and finding letters in that magazine that we used in designing. Oh well, need to think what to do in her English project need to do this in advance so I won’t feel tired again.

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