Enjoying her New Inflatable Swimming Pool

Enjoying the pool is now possible right in your own backyard. My daughter was very happy because i bought her inflatable swimming pool. She was asking me to buy one since last year summer but I didn’t buy her. So, yesterday when we went to the mall, i can’t say no to her and bought inflatable pool.  She was very excited and began to inflate when we got home. We used manual pump at first and neighbor let us borrowed their electric pump. After installing we filled water up to the warning line marked. I told my daughter to use the pool tomorrow morning because we finished installing and filling water past 5 in the afternoon already. She said okay but after few minutes, she changed her mind and asked me if it is okay to use it. She really wanted to swim and last Sunday (Easter) almost everyone was enjoying the pool because of Easter but we just stayed at home. Thinking of this, i let her use the pool. She was really happy even swimming alone. Of course I took photos here are some.

 photo summer activity 1_zpsgl6normc.jpg
 photo summer activity 3_zpssl0ahxvc.jpg
 photo summer activity 2_zps6glcjyh9.jpg

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Using Hayward LED pool lights

It’s been a month since summer started. There were times I can’t take the LED Pool lights photo LEDpoollights_zpse0f30542.jpgheat especially in the afternoon because of 35 degrees temperature. I want to jump in the water especially in swimming pool but we don’t have it at home. The pool we have at home is inflatable swimming pool. It’s not big actually small one and can fit only 2 kids. The other day my daughter used it but she didn’t enjoy because she was alone swimming in her inflatable swimming pool. Anyhow, the last real pool I visited was three months ago when we stayed in one of the hotels in Manila. I didn’t see if their pool has hayward led pool lights because we enjoyed their pool during day time.

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On using Inflatable Swimming Pool

It’s so tempting to jump in the water when the temperature is 33 degrees. That’s the normal temperature in our place since the summer started. Sometimes it changes to 31-32 degrees in the evening but during the afternoon it’s always 33. Indeed summer is here already, though sometimes its raining still the atmosphere is very hot. I’m sure many are already enjoying summer vacation. We don’t have any plan yet where to spend our summer. Honestly, I don’t have extra money to spend vacation but still wanted to go somewhere and enjoy.

Anyway, earlier my daughter was invited by her cousin to their house. Since summer started, they are using inflatable swimming pool in the house. So from time to time they just jump in that pool. Indeed, you can enjoy swimming just staying at home especially if you don’t have budget to rent or book expensive hotels and resorts. Inflatable swimming pool is all you need to beat the heat of summer.

It’s already past 7pm in our part, I guess my daughter still enjoying her stay at cousin’s house. Earlier, I was browsing photos in FB to see if my niece shares photos but I haven’t seen any till now, maybe later… hope so.

Just an update.

I sent a message to my niece in FB because it’s almost 8pm and yet daughter is not here. She said, they are eating dinner right now, they will send my daughter after dinner. I asked about photos so i can share here but sad to say no photos or even a single photo. My reaction was “whaaaaaattttt”!!! Anyway, niece mentioned that my daughter enjoyed swimming, so … i guess it’s more important.

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Inflatable Swimming Pool

I’m a bit late for Watery Wednesday but still eager to post my entry. So for my share, Kyla and her cousin were swimming in an inflatable swimming pool. Photos were taken last month. Too bad they can’t enjoy it again because rainy season is here already.

My share on Watery Wednesday 🙂

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