Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Attorney

Being compensated after an injury at work is supposed to be a fairly easy process. However, there are situations where things are neither fair nor easy. To increase your chances for success, you may need to hire a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon to handle your claim. Even if your employer chooses not to fight the claim, workers compensation can be complicated. Do not feel ashamed if you need help from a legal expert to help you navigate the system. Here are four reasons to hire an attorney.

1. Avoid Having Your Claim Denied

You have a right to appeal a denied claim, but it is better and easier when things go right the first time. To improve the chances of having your claim approved, you will need to accurately fill out forms and submit supportive documentation. There are also deadlines to meet, as well as responding to different requests in a timely manner. When you have a legal expert in charge of your claim, your chances of having this process run smoothly greatly improves.

2. Minimize Your Stress Level

Trying to recover from an injury comes with a certain level of stress. Adding the process of being compensated while you are at home recuperating increases the amount of worry and concern, which could interfere with you having a smooth recovery. Your attorney can manage your claim while you follow the doctor’s orders to heal properly.

3. Have a Claims Expert Working on Your Behalf

An attorney who specializes in workers compensation claims knows what authorities need. Most importantly, he or she knows what is needed to have a winning claim. Not only can your attorney answer requests quickly and with relative ease, but he or she will know what to do if your claim is denied or delayed.

4. Ensure Your Receive the Right Compensation

The average weekly wage is an important variable in determining the value of a workers comp claim. This amount is used to determine how much you should receive in disability payments while you are unable to work. It is also the basis of a settlement when your case ends.

The insurance company may have an incentive to undervalue your weekly wage average. As a result, you could receive thousands of dollars less than you are entitled to receive.

In addition to cash payments, you may also be entitled to have modifications to your home or job retraining. An attorney will work diligently to ensure your compensation is fair and complete.

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