She is now in Fourth- Grade

For others especially public school, school year 2017-2018 started already a month ago, but my daughter just started last week. She is now in Grade 4, how time flies.  New grade level only means, she has new classmates and some were old classmates. She only met her classroom adviser last week but daughter said some of her previous teachers will handle some of their subjects and new teachers as well.  She mentioned that her class adviser was kind and strict at the same time. And he was the youngest teacher in my daughter’s school, i think only 21. Well, we will know him better on the first parent-teacher meeting that will be held very soon.

Daughter mentioned now that she is in fourth grade, they will be choosing three clubs; academic, religious and special interest. Her adviser told them not to choose club because their friends are there but choose the right one for them. I’m also telling this to my daughter and choose the club where she has an interest, that way she will be happy and improve more. I hope this school year will be great one for my daughter. There are many bright students in their section but we will do our best and teach her as much as i can. Now, that she is in grade 4, i hope she will express herself more and be confident at all times. Good luck for this school year, fighting!

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