The Benefits of Using a Fulfillment Service

There was a time when businesses had the majority of the services they needed to function performed in house. It was very rare for them to outsource anything. Times of changed and most businesses will outsource as much as they can. They will outsource things ranging from accounting to purchasing to marketing. Thankfully, there is a growing group of businesses that have arisen to meet this challenge. These businesses are referred to as fulfillment services.

A fulfillment service may be located in one part of the country yet have the ability to send packages, inventory, and shipping anywhere you need it when you need it. They serve as a warehouse for a retailer. Or they can even serve as a distributor. What they will do is they will hold onto products for the retailer, and then when the retailer receives an online request for a product, the fulfillment service will send it out to the customer as if it came from the retailer.

Some fulfillment services in New York even offer the services of a notary NYC. This way, you do not have to worry about having your packages notarized if the need arise.

There are so many benefits that come from using a fulfillment service. Many of them are financial. Think about it this way. If a person had a business where they were dedicated to making widgets and for the thousand widgets they sold they needed to hire one employee, it could get to the point where it is counterproductive to sell a lot of widgets.

However, with a fulfillment service, a company is free to sell as many widgets as they want, knowing that they do not need to increase their staff because the shipping will be done by a third party. This concept is especially important during the holiday season. During the holiday season, retailers will do the vast majority of their sales. So in order to keep up with all of the sales, they need to hire on seasonal employees.

However, if they use a fulfillment service, this expense goes away. All they need to be concerned about is that the product they are sending is at the fulfillment service warehouse. As long as the fulfillment service completes their end of the bargain, the retailer has the confidence to sell as much of their product as they want.


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