She loves MS Paint

Microsoft paint is a simple computer graphics app included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. I read that this app will not be available in Windows 10, after 32 years of existence. I also read recently, that Microsoft confirms that MS paint is not killing off paint after outpouring support for this app. Paint will be available to download for free from the windows store.

My daughter likes to use MS Paint. She has many MS paint works saved in our laptop. This was her latest creation in this app. I find it cute and i feel like sharing it here. Look at the sun, tiny flower, tree with cute little birds and this hand stroking cat. Honestly, i don’t know how to make this kind of stuff. So, i always praising my daughter every time she makes in MS Paint. I doubt if all the kids at her age can make beautiful work in MS Paint. Oh well, i hope MS paint will still be available because my daughter would be sad if this app will be gone.


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Stamping with Paint

Stamping with paint! Daughter and I had fun doing this paint stamp. We saw this art from local kids channel and daughter wanted to try it. Since, we have all the things need in this art so I decided to make our own version.

Making paint stamp needs the following:

 photo DSC01784_zps0eb3689a.jpg
Styrofoam, cardboard, pencil or marker, scissor, glue gun, glue stick,

Paint Colors, Paint brush, Bond paper

How to make paint stamp?

1. Draw anything you want on a piece of Styrofoam. Sorry, we aren’t good in drawing. We tried gumamela (hibiscus) flower, tulip, tree, sun and butterfly but were not successful on this butterfly.

 photo DSC01785_zps39a4ca02.jpg
2. Cut all your drawings. Similar to this image.

 photo DSC01786_zpseee1bbfc.jpg
3. Get a piece or small cardboard and paste one of your drawings using glue gun, see our gumamela flower.

 photo DSC01787_zps58772bad.jpg
4. After this, get another piece of cardboard and paste at the back. This will be your handle when starting to paint.

 photo DSC01788_zps11614032.jpg
5. If you have the handle already, paint all your drawings  . Just like what my daughter is doing in the photo.

kid doing painting photo kiddoingpainting_zpsfd6d5635.jpg
Carefully paint it and be sure to paint only your drawing so it will not get messy when stamping it on a piece of paper.

6. After painting, start stamping it on a piece of paper.

This is what we got, I don’t know if we will do this again but we had fun.

 photo DSC01793_zpsa2883ef8.jpg

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