Peppa Pig Goodies

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Daughter attended neighbor’s birthday party few days ago. The day before the celebration she saw the preparation and happy to know that Peppa Pig was the birthday themed. She likes peppa pig so she didn’t think twice and attend the party.  The party held just in front of our abode. She was happy because she took home peppa pig bag with peppa pig goodies. Daughter mentioned that the party was awesome hahah. Well it is because she likes peppa pig that much. Thank you for these peppa pig goodies!

Peppa Pig out of Homemade Clay Dough

My daughter asked me to make clay dough. This wasn’t the first time because we made one last summer. Since there was no school last Tuesday we made our own clay dough. By the way, I just followed tutorials on youtube. You can choose to cook your dough or not at all. I read that cooked dough has a better texture than uncooked varieties. And you need to use cream of tartar, it helps to make your dough more elastic.

What I made was no cooking and just mixing the ingredients. If you have flour, salt, water, oil and food color, you are good to go. I just mixed everything and formed dough. I was happy to have clay dough without buying. It is expensive to buy clay dough so as much as possible we make our own dough. It is messy doing this thing but it is fulfilling when you see your daughter’s happiness.

Daughter made this character from Peppa Pig. She put it on her huge egg. She wanted to cover it all with clay dough but I think this one looks good already.

Peppa Pig photo peppa pig_zpsjcxwwdqc.jpg
Peppa Pig Play dough photo Peppa Pig playdough_zpsbsyqsbaz.jpg

She made Sponge Bob as well but she was lacking of yellow dough so it didn’t turns the same as Sponge Bob.

Anyway, it has been 4 days since I made her clay dough/playdough and surprisingly the dough was still soft. Next time, I will make again but will cook it. I have to see which one is better.