SM Supermalls Shop & Make Art 2 – Advancing to the Final Judging

SM Supermalls Shop and Make Art 2 was already finished. I thought my daughter wont be able to submit her artwork on time. On the last day of submission, I encouraged her to finish her entry, good thing she was able to finish everything and submitted before the cut-off time. We were able to bring her entry few minutes before the closing time. After a day i received calls but she can’t hear me well. I was thinking who the caller was and never thought it was from SM representative when i called the number back. She informed me that my daughter’s entry was chosen and will be receiving gift certificate prize.

We knew that all the entries will be displayed in the event center so my daughter and i went to SM store were we submitted her entry. So there we saw all the entries submitted but only 30 participants from Kid and 30 from Adult category were chosen to advanced to the next round which is also the final judging. Chosen entry has “congratulations”. Daughter and I were very happy when we saw her entry with “congratulations”. I’m so sorry i can’t share her entry. I used to upload images from photobucket and put it here but i cant do it now. I think they are not free already.

Anyway, we were advised to visit Admin office and we hurriedly went since we were already in the mall. My daughter received Php 500 gift certificate as her prize for advancing the final judging. The truth is win or lose it doesn’t matter, I just wanted my daughter to boost confidence and joining this contest is one way. The final judging will be held in SM City Lipa but before bringing to SM Lipa all entries will be displayed here in SM City Lucena for few more days. When the final judging comes, win or lose we will accept it wholeheartedly. And the fact that her entry was chosen to advance in the final judging and displayed here in SM City Lucena and soon to SM City Lipa until the final judging, already a big achievement.

I hope next year SM Supermalls  will be doing this contest again. We just used crayons and poster painting but next time will do other ideas to enhance her artwork. Congrats my dearest daughter, believe in yourself always. You can do it, fighting!

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SM City Lucena – Grand Magical Christmas Parade 2015

We watched SM City Lucena’s Grand Magical Christmas Parade last December 13 (Sunday). Every year my daughter is always looking forward to this event. The show lasted just under 15 minutes but though it wasn’t long the kids and those young at heart were really happy watching the magical grand parade.

Here are my daughter’s photos with some of the performers of the said show.

Christmas Grand Magical Parade photo Christmas Magical_zpsmy6nugfp.jpg
SM City Lucena Christmas Grand Magical Parade photo SM City Lucena - Grand Christmas Magical Parade 2015_zpsrkhsbgwk.jpg
This is my uploaded video on my youtube channel

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Bubi Blocks and Benefits of Playing Blocks

My daughter enjoys Bubi Blocks at SM City Lucena. She loves playing blocks even when she was young and now that she’s already 7. She was surprised when saw many blocks and excited to enter the play area. It cost 85 pesos for 30 minutes and 120 pesos for unlimited play. It’s expensive but if you avail unlimited time, I think the price is fine. Whenever she plays here, we avail unlimited time. While playing, I leave my daughter in the play area and I do my window shopping.

Bubi blocks photo bubiblocks_zps54dedf7e.jpg

There she is building her own building.

playing blocks photo bubiblocks1_zps1a824e76.jpg

Lying down on the blocks.

kid playing blocks photo bubiblocks2_zps069e6c14.jpg

Educational benefits according to Wikipedia

Physical benefits: toy blocks build strength in a child’s fingers and hands, and improve eye-hand coordination.
Social benefits: blocks play encourages children to make friends and cooperate, and is often one of the first experiences a child has playing with others. Blocks are a benefit for the children because they encourage interaction and imagination.
Intellectual benefits: children can potentially develop their vocabularies as they learn to describe sizes, shapes, and positions. Math skills are developed through the process of grouping, adding, and subtracting, particularly with standardized blocks, such as unit blocks. Experiences with gravity, balance, and geometry learned from toy blocks also provide intellectual stimulation.
Creative benefits: children receive creative stimulation by making their own designs with blocks.

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Merry Christmas Everyone

SM City Lucena Christmas Decoration 2014 photo SMCityLucenaChristmasdecoration2014_zps3b0c238c.jpg

Celebrate Christmas with SM City Lucena. Yearly the mall has Christmas decorations that are pleasing to the eyes of the shoppers. For this year, they have this tall Christmas tree surrounded with huge gifts, a small train and other Christmas stuff.

SM City Lucena photo SMCityLucena_zps562017e0.jpg

Posing at the back of the tall Christmas tree

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Girl Scout Week

September 14 -20, 2014 was Girl Scout Week (not sure if this is nationwide). My daughter is member of Girl Scout as Star Scout. This is the first time she joins the group. As part of the week celebration all Girl Scout in Lucena Council were invited to watch the talent competition of Girl Scout from the Twinkler to Senior Scout (I believe). This event was scheduled last September 19, but because of the heavy rains the national government advised to suspend classes in all levels in CALABARZON.

Yesterday, it was re-scheduled and my daughter attended the activity. Every time there is activity of Girl Scout, my daughter likes to attend because of the badge she will be getting. As of now she has two badges and always telling me she wants more because one of her classmates has 6 badges already. She was already member of Twinkler when she was in Prep and my daughter is a newbie.

Anyway, the activity started with fun walk from SM City Lucena going to the main place at Enverga University. The call time was 6am but its always Filipino time so it was started at 6:30am. When we were in the place, I wasn’t surprised with the number of participants because private and public school Girl Scout members were invited from Lucena Council. The place is too small to accommodate all the participants plus the parents who where there to watch especially those Twinkler and Star Scout members.

There was a mass before the main activity. After the mass I checked my daughter to see if she eats her snacks. My daughter wanted to leave the place already because its really hot in the venue. Its an open area but there was no air yesterday and I only see one electric fan. There were many participants and for sure 10 or more electric fans wouldn’t be enough.

When the main event which is talent competition is on-going I asked my daughter’s teacher if we could leave the place. Good thing she let us go home already. I hope next time the Girl Scout organizers would get venue that can occupy all and with proper ventilation because the little kids will do suffer.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

happy valentines day photo happyvalentinesday_zps8793250d.jpg

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Tom and Jerry plus Looking for Bathing Suits Plus Size

This photo was taken couple of months ago but again forgot to share it. I just saw this photo awhile Tom and Jerry photo tomandjerry_zpscf7980ac.jpgago while I’m looking for daughter’s best photograph that she will be using  in school tomorrow. Anyway, back to Tom and Jerry, my daughter wanted to see these cute characters performing on stage. She can’t hide her excitement when she learned that the two characters will visit SM City Lucena. The show Tom and Jerry is one of her favorite shows on cartoon network. My daughter saw the two characters but she didn’t see the two up close. We need to buy cartoon network items for her to see up close and take photo with the characters. That time I don’t like any of the items they are selling so I just told my daughter to watch Tom and Jerry in the side anyway she was able to see them.

Oops, before I forget my friend in daughter’s school is asking for help. She learned that I’m always online and has experienced in online shopping. She wanted me to look for bathing suits plus size online. Someone told her that there are huge selections of this kind of clothes online and since she doesn’t know how to use computer I will do it for her. I hope I could find trendy and affordable one.

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SM City Lucena unveiled Christmas centerpiece

Last November 10, SM City Lucena unveiled Christmas centerpiece at the mall atrium. This was also the 5th birthday of my daughter. So after we had a simple celebration of daughter’s birthday in MJD Farms (newly opened dining in our place) we went to SM City Lucena to witness this Christmas countdown.

When we got there, High strings orchestra serenading the people with Christmas songs. I think they been serenading us for about 1 hour then the mall manager gave the welcome remark. It was followed by Christmas video and ballet performance. After this the Christmas centerpiece revealed (see photos below) 


Well, revealing the Christmas centerpiece didn’t stop the activity because MSEUF Concert Singers sang Christmas songs to entertain the crowded people. MSEUF is one the biggest universities in Lucena.

People also witnessed the dancing lights of the Christmas centerpiece. Actually, dancing lights is happening at 6, 7 and 8 pm daily.


The Assistant Mall manager also gave his final remark. The last activity was Santa’s Meet and Greet where the mall invited DSWD kids and gave gift and snacks.

My daughter had the chance to meet and greet Santa because the mall manager called her. There were extra gifts so they gave it to the kids of the mall employees. I was happy because daughter was chosen though we are not part of SM City Lucena. As I said it’s her birthday that day so she was also happy because she received an unexpected gift from SM. Daughter is in the center (first row) beside her is the Mayor of Lucena (the one who is wearing purple).


Anyway, we went there again after 2 days and they already removed the stage. Here it looks like now (this photo and video above came from SM City Lucena Fan Page).  


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Simple Ride Jump

This is the new amusement place for kids and maybe for young at heart, lol, at SM City Lucena. When we first saw this I asked Kyla if she wants to play but gave me “No” answer. When we went to the mall after few days she said she wanted to play. So I asked the person in charge about the rate. I was surprised because playing on their “Simple Ride Jump” cost much. Here are the rates;  60 pesos or around $1.50 for 20 minutes, 150 pesos for 1 hour and 250 pesos (not sure) on unlimited usage. Well, I let Kyla to try the place for 20 minutes only.

Sorry for the photos, she moves very fast so I couldn’t capture her nicely. But the most important thing is she enjoyed her 20 minutes stayed in Simple Ride Jump amusement place.

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Supporting Fund Raising Campaign

We are supporting the Fund Raising Campaign for Victims of the Earthquake-Tsunami in Japan. Last Sunday after attending the Holy Mass in SM City Lucena we stroll a little before going home. I saw this fundraising so I asked the woman who’s in-charged on this about this campaign. And she said that this campaign will last for a week only. The money that would be accumulated will be given to the victims of Earthquake-Tsunami in Japan. We gave a little amount then afterward Kyla pose holding this picture of a child in Japan. Just to show that she is supporting this campaign too 🙂

Anyway, I’m linking this post to Ruby Tuesday.


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