Activities During Summer

It is official PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) declared summer season here in the Philippines. It only means vacation time especially for the kids. Many parents choose to enroll their children in summer class to make summer vacation more productive. I want my daughter to learn swimming because the first time I enrolled her in swimming lesson she didn’t enjoy the lesson. She was young that time so I think it is normal. Now, that she is 9 already this is the right time to attend this lesson. If I have extra money, I wanted to enroll her in ukulele tutorials. We have available instrument in the abode but because she doesn’t know how to use it she rarely hold it. How about your kids? Do you like enrolling them in summer class? By the way, if you like to enroll them in guitar tutorials and still don’t have the instrument, I think prs guitar at could be a good option.

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Activities to do this Summer

It’s official, summer once again here in our country. The other day someone gave me a flyer and when I read it, it’s an invitation to attend different activities this summer especially for the kids. Learning instrument caught my attention. I really like my daughter to learn any kind of instruments. His cousin left his ukulele when he went back to Canada. My daughter sometimes using it but I wanted her to learn this instrument deeply. She has also an organ in the abode but rarely touch it. So I hope this summer we will find time to learn this stuff. Sometimes money is the dilemma heheh but I have seen other people learned instrument just by watching youtube. We should try this one. By the way, I saw ariette instrument while watching youtube. This instrument looks interesting. The sound produces is very nice to hear and I believe you can create different sounds out of this instrument. Oh well, I hope our summer would be a productive one for me and my daughter.

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