Daughter’s 9th Birthday

My daughter is no longer a baby. She just turned 9 lastRed ribbon birthday cake photo birthday cake_zps0tbbsshx.jpg November 10. Time flies … if there is a chance to turn back time, I would love to. I feel there were many things we didn’t do for the last years. Unfortunately, what I’m thinking is impossible to happen so have to move forward and see what this year would offer for my daughter. Hope she will do many new things. Hope things that we didn’t do for the last 8 years will happen this year and the coming years. Above all, I pray that God will continue to bless and guide her while growing up.

Anyway, I didn’t prepare for a huge celebration. We just had dinner in the house. I cooked tuna carbona. I learned this simple pasta food from my sister and it turned out luscious. I roasted turkey in the oven, thanks to my brother for the turkey. He is raising 6 turkeys and we need to roast one for this day. So sad for this turkey but we enjoyed eating it. For my daughter to feel her 9th birthday, I bought cake in Red Ribbon. Happy birthday to you my dearest Kyla. Sorry if you can’t get everything but I’m glad you understand the situation.

Simple Tuna Pasta with Olive Oil


I was craving for pasta the other day, good thing there are available ingredients like pasta noodles and olive oil at home. So I cooked this simple tuna pasta with olive oil. I just bought tuna in sari-sari store. For sure you know already how to cook this very simple pasta recipe but still I wanted to share, wink!

Pasta noodles, olive oil, tuna flakes, salt and pepper to taste, magic sarap, garlic and onion

How to cook:
1. Cook pasta noodles according to package direction.
2. In a separate pan; heat olive oil, sauté onion and garlic.
3. Add tuna flakes, magic sarap, salt and pepper to taste.
4. When it’s done, just add the cooked pasta noodles and tuna flakes sauce to enhance flavor.
5. If you have parsley you can put some on top.
6. Serve and enjoy

It’s yummy but the next time I’ll cook this simple tuna pasta with olive oil I will put more tuna flakes. I cooked 500 grams of pasta noodles but only put 2 small cans of tuna anyway still tasty and satisfied my craving for pasta.