United Nations Celebration

I was too busy last October so I forgot to share my daughter’s photo last United Nations celebration in their school.  My daughter joined United Nations in school happened last October 27. It’s not compulsory to join but I let her joined this time because she didn’t join last year. I picked Chinese costume for her.  She turns 10 few days ago but still I am the one who decide for her. Every time I asked her, the response will always be “whatever you want.”

Anyhow, I chose her to represent Chinese because of her looks. I also wanted her to wear Korean Hanbok, not because I loved Korean drama but because many are saying she looks like Korean. But due to lack of time, I decided Chinese costume and i’m thinking she can still use the dress even not United Nations celebration. This dress can be worn in New Year celebration.

United Nations celebration in school was really simple. They just parade in the school vicinity and went to the gym after the parade. They chose two representatives for each grade, one boy and one girl. But everyone had the chance to walk on stage.

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Cowboy hat

I thought daughter will be using cowboy hat in school. Last year Kindergarten used this in one of the activity (United Nations) because they were representing Texas. So I thought as Kindergarten today she will be using it as well. But I learned that United Nations in my daughter school happens every 4 years. Thankful because it means less expenses and I hope until school year ends. 

Whenever daughter has activity in school I always make sure to gather what she needs in advance. Actually there’s no advise from her teacher about United Nations but I thought of it early so when time comes were ready. I even asked my niece if she has Bailey Cowboy Hats just in case they will be representing Texas. 

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Conga Dance

The United Nations celebration with theme A Call for Peace, Love and United was successful. If only we have these 3 things i’m pretty sure everything will fall into places. Anyway, back to the UN celebrations the students from Nursery to high school department performed different dances of the country they’re representing. As I said yesterday Kyla and the rest of Nursery students will represent Mexico country so this morning they performed Conga dance. I have to admit that Kyla is not a good dancer but I am glad because she always gave her best everytime they have  program. I’m proud of her compared to other classmates who were just standing the whole performance.

Sorry for my video recording an amateur here. Anyway, I think they are 30 nursery students. Morning and afternoon classes were combined but if you will notice only half of the students performed. Other students were just playing and crying and don’t want to join the performance. I was not expecting much on their performance because they’re just 3-4 years old. So what can you expect from them?

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United Nations tomorrow

This is just a quick post. Tomorrow there would be program in Kyla’s school in celebration of United Nations. Nursery (kyla’s level) will represent Mexico. I will post the photo of her costume in my fashion blog after the event. 

Anyway, five days more to go before Kyla’s semester break. I hope I can go back in my normal routine online during school vacation. Thanks for visiting will try to visit your blog if i’m not busy. I am loaded with Kyla’s stuff in school. Have a good night.

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Activity for October

The month of October will be a hectic one; Kyla’s school has lots of activities for this month. First, they had a successful celebration for World Teachers Day last October 5.

After this, they will be having their 2nd Quarterly Examination so I will be busy tutoring Kyla. Her teacher already gave the pointers for review. The long list of pointers was expected already because it’s been 2 months since they started their second quarter. 

After the examination, vacation is not yet possible because they will be celebrating United Nations. I am not sure about the exact date but for sure it will be after their examination. Kyla and the rest of her classmates will be wearing Mexican National costume. 

It does not end there because Trick or Treat is next. It’s also a celebration for being 100th days in the school. I think it will happen on the 27th of October before the school break. 

Well, this month of October is really a fruitful one. With these activities Kyla’s shyness will be lessen. Anyway, beyond that I hope she will get high score in their examination. Good luck Kyla long way to go. 

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